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MAPJ works in coalition with community groups, local religious organizations, MHK residents and other individuals from across our region, as well as with faculty and students within the K-State campus community to empower lives and spaces built on the ethos of peace and justice.

As an organization we:

  • Mobilize actions and demonstrations
  • Advance progressive causes through education and outreach
  • Sponsor speakers and freethinkers
  • Host community planning and building events

As an alliance we provide local social movements with:

  • Political networks through advisory and person-power
  • Peace and justice training
  • Newsletter and website services
  • 501(c)(3) non-profit status

The First Step to Getting Involved is Getting in Touch!

Whether your interest is in action or information to connect you to the issues and needs that stand between the present and a more just world…

… join us in solidarity to develop the connections, the organizations and the vision to foster a Manhattan, a Kansas, a nation and a world empowering to all people.