American-flag-2aThe Flint Hills GI Hotline is a node of the GI Rights Network (GIRN). The Hotline accepts calls from GIs and families to give accurate information regarding military regulations and options concerning military discharges, grievance and complaint procedures, conscientious objection, recruitment, military sexual assault and medical situations, discharge upgrades and more.

In 2007, MAPJ co-sponsored a two-day workshop to introduce the GIRN and initiated a node locally. Several attendees proceeded to receive extensive training and started taking call six months later. We’ve been actively supporting GIs ever since.

What we do

The Flint Hills GI Rights Hotline works to protect the civil rights and well-being of all who call. We do not pass judgement. We are here to help!

As we are not lawyers or doctors, we do not tell callers what they should do but instead provide GIs with resources, explanations of regulations, options and consequences of decisions.

We are here to help!

The majority of calls involve mental health problems, AWOL and clients wishing to be discharged from the military. Our calls come from family members, veterans, active duty along with Reserve and National Guard members.

gi rights handbill soldier

  • Hardship/dependency
  • Medical Discharge
  • Conscientious Objection
  • Delayed Entry program
  • GI Rights
  • Entry Level Separation
  • Mental Health

Get involved with the Flint Hills GI Rights Hotline today!

The Hotline needs more counselors and would welcome contact from anyone interested in learning more. Please contact us today if helping GIs know their rights is your thing!

Presently (March, 2017) there are 3 lay-counselors taking cases locally. One of whom only does conscientious objection cases. One takes phone calls two days a week and our third member only manages cases over email.

Contact Anne Cowan at 785-537-2025 or email to get involved today!

For services from the GIRN call  877-447-4487