Vision – A peaceful and just community of empowered people.

Mission – To provide leadership, training, and support for community organizing to the people of Manhattan, KS and across the state.


  • Peace & Justice – There can be no justice without peace, and there can be no peace without justice.
  • Direct action organizing – People who are directly impacted by inequity and injustice have the power to lead transformational change and make direct demands of those in power.
  • Institutional transformation – MAPJ and other community institutions and their decision making must equitably reflect the community and under-represented voices
  • Truth-telling – call out inequities and use data and storytelling to counter false narratives, uplift community voices and support change
  • Equity – Everyone deserves equal opportunity for optimal health and well-being. We work to undo and transform unfair systems, policies and forms of racism that drive gaps in opportunities and outcomes
  • Shared power – value lived experience and provide real opportunities for people most affected by inequities to name underlying causes, identify solutions and determine and lead actions
  • Collaboration – join with residents, local organizations, multi-sector partners, funders and decision-makers to build a movement for peace and justice
  • Transparency – communicate openly about priorities, resources, hurdles and decision making processes with community partners
  • Commitment – Continually reflect and be responsive to community voices and ensure adequate resources are available to accomplish goals