We the People of Kansas, the supreme governing body, do so demand:

Economic Justicedsc-0046_orig

We believe in Kansas workers’ right to unionize, in a living wage, in progressive taxation requiring those at the top to pay their fair share, and in the reduction of sales tax on food.

Equitable Public Education

We believe that Kansas kids have a right to a high-quality public education with adequate resources equitably provided according to need.

Health Care Access

We believe that all Kansans should have access to quality, affordable healthcare, mental health and substance abuse services, and that women’s reproductive healthcare providers should not be unjustly targeted.

dsc-0050_origRacial and Indigenous Justice

We believe that all Black, Latino, Asian, and Indigenous people of Kansas deserve to be treated fairly with dignity, protected from overzealous policing, and be provided equitable opportunity in all facets of life.

Anti-Corruption Policy

We believe that the Kansas government must be ethical, accountable, and transparent. Political bribery, secret dark money, and lobbyist contributions must end. There can no longer be a revolving door between elected public office and corporate special interest.

Gender Equity

We believe that women in Kansas deserve equal pay for equal work. Women should be protected from discrimination and abuse in the workplace, at school, and in our community, and that women have the inherent right to make their own reproductive choices.

LGBT Rights

We believe that Kansans of all gender identities and sexual orientations deserve the right to live, work, and raise families without discrimination.

Children Protections

We believe no child in Kansas should go hungry, that our foster system must address abuse faster, and that disabled children deserve the best we can provide.

Voting Rights

We believe that Kansans of all gender identities and sexual orientations deserve the right to live, work, and raise families without discrimination.

Responsible Gun Policy

We believe in responsible gun ownership that requires background checks on gun purchases, training for a concealed carry permit, and that guns should not be allowed on school grounds, campuses, and in public buildings.

dsc-0054_origImmigrant Rights

We believe that refugees and immigrants in Kansas, both documented and undocumented, benefit the economy and should have the right to drive legally, purchase insurance, and attend colleges and universities.

Criminal Justice Reform

We believe that Kansans deserve a demilitarized highly trained community-focused police force, and a fair criminal justice system that aims to rehabilitate individuals and protects youth from the school-to-prison pipeline.

Infrastructure Investments

We believe that the road, rail, & water systems of Kansas must be improved. Internet access for all communities is a necessity, and a renewable green energy infrastructure is critical to our security and future.

dsc-0028Environmental Stewardship and Sustainable Agriculture

We believe in protecting the Kansas environment by banning fracking, rehabilitating our waterways, supporting local family farms, and reducing our overall carbon emissions through energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Religious Freedom

We believe religious minorities have the right to practice their faith free from fear, discrimination, and political scapegoating.

We demand progress and equity in opportunity and outcome in all measures of human life, right, and dignity.

We demand. May it be so.

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