The Manhattan Alliance for Peace and Justice, along with the folks at Arrow Coffee Co. and The Fellow are joining forces for a joint inauguration evening event on January 20th.

The swearing in of Donald Trump to the United States presidency is indeed the formal culmination of many of the worst sentiments present in our country today- wholesale racism, GLBTQphobia, and misogyny, a kleptocratic power grab by political and financial elites, and the outright promise of ruin for many of the last safeguards present in a welfare state. Given this prospect for the next four years, it will be important for those of us on the left, progressives invested in building a better world, to be ready to fight.

Join us from 7:00 – 10:30 PM at The Fellow, 1125 Westport Dr., Manhattan, to mourn and commune with likeminded members of our community.

newsletter anti2Food and drinks will be provided by Arrow Coffee along with a cash bar. Additionally, local musicians, Steve Hinrichs and Chris Biggs, will perform. A space for local activists and progressive groups to share information about their organization and build for upcoming events. In spite of the fear of what could be in 2017, the year also presents an opening for building an alternative. In solidarity we can collectively imagine an answer to Trumpism through a broad and vibrant movement with clear demands for economic and social justice.

Originally published in the MAPJ NEWSLETTER JANUARY 2017 p. 1.

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